About MTR

MTR Foods began in 1924 when the Maiya family opened their first restaurant in Bangalore, India. Today, the restaurant is a city landmark and people queue outside to taste its unique, completely authentic Indian vegetarian dishes.

With the vision of becoming an indispensable companion in every kitchen, Maiyas diversified their offering to include convenience foods and spice mixes. From a humble beginning, the small operation expanded to state of the art facilities that include a dedicated lab, printing and packaging.

2007 was a watershed year in MTR’s history. This was the year when MTR Foods was purchased by Nordic conglomerate Orkla .

The Orkla global conglomerate comprises four business units: Orkla Foods Nordic, Orkla Brands Nordic, Orkla Food Ingredients and Orkla Brands International. While the Nordic region is Orkla Brands’ domestic market, it has established strong market positions in India, Russia and parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

Being owned by an internationally recognised corporation allowed MTR Foods to revitalise its brand appeal to help establish its presence in the homes of modern consumers across India, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

The ready-to-eat MTR Foods range of curries, gluten-free meals and rice side dishes are available in New Zealand supermarkets nationwide.