Easy Summer Holiday Meals

When you’ve completely run out of holiday meal ideas, everyone is sick of cold meat and salad and the supplies of fresh food are looking pretty sad, our ready to eat meals are a fast and easy way to serve something different.

Pick up a few packs of curries and flavoured rices to take with you on your camping holiday, or time at the bach and you know there will be some variety in your meals that doesn’t require any time slaving over the stove on a hot summer’s day.

All you need is the most basic of cooking utensils – a pot you can boil water in, large enough to fit a few of our foil envelopes, and scissors or a knife to cut open the top of the packet once it has been heated for five minutes or so.

Two curry packs and two packs of rice will easily feed a family of four or five, and our flavour packed meals go great with that ice cold beer or wine at the end of the day.

And voila! Its cheek to call this a recipe really, but it’s a great way to create a meal in a hurry, with no fuss at all.

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