How Hot is Hot?

One of the questions we frequently get asked about our range is “how hot is hot?” or equally “is your mild really mild?”

Because we create and manufacture all our products in India, this is a fair question. As a nation of people who are brought up on spicy foods, chillies and curries, of course authentic Indian recipes are often hotter than would be usual for New Zealand diners.

We find that our customers tend to fall into two camps – those who have also grown up around spicy foods and are used to those flavours, and those who have grown up with a more typical kiwi diet which doesn’t feature anything more adventurous than the occasional curried sausage or a plate of butter chicken.

So our answer to the question is this:

If you have the typical kiwi palate, our foods are possibly hotter than you might be used to and we suggest you start off with those marked Mild. You might still find these have some heat, but they shouldn’t be unbearably hot for you. Accompanying them with a rice dish and a yogurt based raita also has a cooling effect.

If you love hot food and the spicier the better, then you will enjoy our entire range, from mild to hot.


One thing to keep in mind with any foods containing chilli for example, is that they continue to grow in heat the longer they are cooked. So if you add a little chilli and taste immediately and think the dish is still very mild, you can be confident that the heat will be much greater after an hour of simmering.

We recommend not adding additional chilli or other spices to any recipe until you are close to the end of cooking, just to ensure you are getting the most accurate taste.

Tell us what you think!

If you have sampled any of our products, feel free to share your thoughts about the degree of heat or mildness in the comments below.

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