Meals Perfect for Tramping
MTR Foods Tramping

Keen trampers are always looking for new meal ideas that are convenient, lightweight and easy to heat and eat while they are in the outdoors.

MTR’s ready to eat meals are perfect to add to your tramping pack, particularly as all you need to do while you are in the bush is boil water over a fire or gas cooker, and heat the foil package for around five minutes.

Tested by the Indian defence forces, the technique MTR uses to cook and seal each individual package ensures that the product has a long life without needing to add preservatives or flavour enhancers. The company is proud of the fact that every ingredient listed on the pack is easy to understand – no multi-syllable chemical names are included in MTR’s recipes!

Fast and easy to prepare at the end of a hard day’s walking, the ready to eat meals are filling, nutritious and have that extra kick of spicy heat if the weather is cold.

tramping in New Zealand

This is a far cry from the old days of freeze dried potatoes and cans of spam! Having a wide range of meals to choose from, and knowing they will taste predictably great is a huge improvement.


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