Perfect Food to take Tramping or Camping

Over the summer months, many kiwis (and plenty of visitors) head to the great outdoors to enjoy the scenery and the uniquely NZ experience of being surrounded by “middle earth” (with or without hobbitses).

Food shopping for your tramping trip can prove to be a bit of a challenge, particularly if you are not a fan of multiple meals of freeze dried potatoes, soup and jerky.

Picking up a selection of MTR Ready to Eats is a great way to add some nutritious, full of flavour variety to your meals, without adding the weight of cans.

Simply extract the foil packs from each box – take a minute to write on them with indelible marker what the contents are, and work out how many meals you will require. For some reason you always end up eating more in the outdoors, especially if you have been walking most of the day.

A heat source and something to carry and boil water in are all you need to heat up the packs – put several into one pot of boiling water, heat for around 5 minutes and you are ready to have dinner. Simply tear or cut open and eat directly from the pack (give it a bit of a stir first).

We recommend choosing from the RTE products below for a good mix of protein and carbohydrates, plus plenty of flavour.

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