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MTR Foods Ready to Eat meals – Perfect this summer

The good old Kiwi summer is just around the corner! Pohutakawa trees, jandals, backyard cricket, tramping, L&P, staying at the bach, hokey pokey icecreams, water fights, cicadas, roadtrips, togs, camping, fishing… I can’t wait.

We’ve got another thing to look forward to: MTR Foods Ready to Eat meals! Our delicious authentic Indian meals are perfect this summer for camping, boating, fishing and tramping.

Whether you’re heading to a good ol’ Kiwi bach or pitching the tent at your favourite spot around NZ, our tasty range of Ready to Eat meals are definitely worth adding to your grocery list. Because the products don’t require refrigeration you can keep them in your tent, or store them at the bach sweet as!

The meals can either be heated up in a couple of minutes in the microwave, in a pot on the stove or even better over a campfire. The speed and convenience is great, especially if you’re tuckered out after a tough day’s back yard cricket.

The meals are also a good companion for outdoor activities such as tramping. You can easily throw a couple of meals in your pack, Alu Methi (curried potato and fenugreek leaves) is a personal fav, along with Dal Makhani (black lentil curry). There’s nothing better than a delicious hot meal after a long day’s tramping. And, if for some reason you don’t have anything to heat the meals up with (or are too knackered to) then you can always eat the pre-cooked meals straight from the pack.

If you’re heading out on the boat, especially for a few days then why not grab a slab of products? Men – we all know you’re king fisherman, but just in case you don’t land the big one, this is an ideal backup (Ladies, we know how bad he actually is at fishing, so probably best you get a couple of cartons…)

So there you have it. MTR Foods Ready To Eat meals perfect this summer, available from Asian supermarkets and supermarkets in the International or gluten free aisles.

MTR Foods - Superb Student Meals

Superb student meals!

Students of all ages love a quick tasty meal, especially when preparing for exams.

Whether it be university students cramming for calculus or high school kids hitting the history books, our Ready To Eat meals tick all the relevant boxes. Here’s why:

Firstly, when studying you often don’t want to break your train of concentration, so cooking a roast is out of the question. Most students turn to something that can be whipped up quickly. What’s quicker than heating our meals for two minutes in a microwave? Not much, maybe a Peregrine falcon (by that we mean its flight speed, not the time to heat it in a microwave… and in case any of you biology students were wondering – the Peregrine is renowned for its speed, reaching over 322 km/h during its high speed hunting dive, making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom!)

Secondly, our meals are extremely convenient, you don’t need to refrigerate them, you can easily keep a stack in your backpack… a swag in your bag… a heap in your desk (What? You try and rhyme something with desk). You don’t need a can opener or a whole heap of cooking gear, just put it in a bowl and heat in a microwave for a few minutes. Easy as pie. Actually, easier than pie.

Thirdly, many students are renowned for being terrible cooks. Well not with MTR Foods Ready To Eat meals! Because it’s so simple, you can’t really go wrong. All the hard work of creating delicious flavours has been done for you, all you need to do is heat it up and serve (and hide the packaging if you’re trying to impress the flatmates with your newly found cooking skills).

Finally, our meals are extremely affordable and get you the nutrition you need. So stop force feeding yourself two minute noodles, and start dining out on our mouth-watering meals.

Look out for MTR Foods Ready To Eat meals in the “International” or “Gluten free” section of your supermarket, and stock up those barren pantries.